problems with aqualisa showers

Aqualisa’s digital shower systems, particularly the “black box” models installed in the loft, are known for their innovation and convenience. However, like any mechanical system, they can experience issues over time. One common problem reported by users is the shower suddenly stopping its pumping action, resulting in reduced water flow. This article aims to explore potential causes, solutions, and considerations for such issues, especially in showers that are over eight years old.

Problem: Aqualisa Digital Shower Pumping Failure


  • Sudden cessation of pumped water flow during use, reverting to non-pumped pressure.
  • Inconsistent performance upon restarting, with occasional restoration of function when switched to all cold.
  • Shower age of at least 8 years with frequent usage.

Potential Causes and Solutions

  1. Air Lock in the System: An air lock can disrupt water flow and affect pumping action.
    • Solution: Attempt to clear the air lock by running the shower on all cold or hot settings. If unsuccessful, professional assistance may be needed to correctly identify and resolve the air lock.
  2. Motor Wear and Tear: Given the age and frequent usage, the motor may be nearing the end of its functional life.
    • Solution: Consider replacing the motor. Check for replacement parts on platforms like eBay, where you might find more economical options compared to direct manufacturer replacement costs.
  3. System Reset Requirement: There are suggestions that these showers require a reset by switching off at the mains for an extended period.
    • Solution: Try resetting the shower by turning it off at the mains for 2-3 hours. If this fails to resolve the issue, further mechanical faults might be present.
  4. Compatibility with New Heating Systems: If planning to switch to a combi boiler system, compatibility with the existing digital shower should be considered.
    • Solution: Consult with a heating engineer or the Aqualisa help desk to understand if your current digital shower model is compatible with a combi boiler. If not, transitioning to a simpler electric shower might be a more viable solution.

Additional Considerations

  1. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Compare the cost of repairing the existing digital shower system against replacing it with a new one. This includes considering parts, labor, and the potential need for future repairs.
  2. Professional Installation and Repair: For complex issues or installations, professional service is recommended. Ensure the technician is familiar with Aqualisa digital showers for accurate diagnosis and repair.
  3. Manufacturer Support: Contact Aqualisa’s customer service for advice. They might offer troubleshooting tips or service options. Be aware of potential high costs when opting for manufacturer service.
  4. User Reviews and Experiences: Research online forums and customer reviews to understand common issues and solutions others have found effective for similar models.


The Aqualisa digital shower system offers a luxurious and convenient showering experience but can face mechanical issues, especially in units that are several years old. When addressing a pumping failure, consider possible causes like air locks, motor wear, or the need for a system reset.

Weigh the options between repair and replacement, keeping in mind compatibility with any planned changes in your home heating system. Professional advice and services can offer valuable guidance and ensure safe and effective resolution of these issues. Regular maintenance and staying informed about your specific model can also aid in prolonging the lifespan and functionality of your digital shower system.

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