Under 5’s stocking fillers

The holiday season is all about the sparkle in a child’s eyes when they unwrap a gift. And when it comes to little ones under the age of five, filling their stockings with small treasures is one of the joys of the season. Here’s a list of ten stocking filler ideas that are sure to delight the younger crowd without breaking the bank.

1. Chunky Crayons

Little hands need something easy to grip, so chunky crayons are perfect. They’re just right for those who are just starting to draw and color. Not only do they help with coordination, but they’re also less likely to break than regular crayons.

2. Bath Toys

Bath time can be fun time with the right toys. Rubber ducks, boats, or even bath-friendly books can make the splash time a blast. Look for ones that are mold-resistant so they can be used until next Christmas!

3. Board Books

You can’t go wrong with books, especially the board kind that can withstand drool and rough handling. Pick ones with bright pictures and simple words to help build their love for reading early on.

4. Socks with Fun Prints

Socks might seem like a dull gift, but not when they have their favorite animals or characters on them! Plus, they’re practical for the colder months. Go for the soft, non-slip ones to keep those tiny toes warm and safe.

5. Playdough

Squishy and colorful, playdough is a hit with the under-five crowd. It lets them be creative and is good for their hand strength and dexterity. Just make sure it’s the non-toxic kind since we all know where most things end up at that age – in their mouth!

6. Finger Puppets

Finger puppets can turn a little hand into a storytelling adventure. They’re great for playing pretend and can be a fun way for kids to make up stories and improve their language skills.

7. Bubble Blower

Bubbles are like magic for kids. A small bubble blower fits nicely in a stocking and can provide hours of chasing and popping fun. It’s a simple pleasure that never seems to get old.

8. Sticker Sheets

Stickers are like little badges of fun for kids. They love sticking them on paper, their clothes, or even themselves. Get a variety of their favorite things like animals, cars, or stars.

9. Snack Containers

These aren’t just any snack holders. Get the ones that are shaped like animals or have bright colors. They can make snack time special and help keep treats in one place, which parents will appreciate too.

10. Musical Instruments

Small musical instruments like shakers or a harmonica can be a lot of fun and noisy, but it’s a joyful noise. Music is a great way to help kids learn about rhythm and can be an early start to a love for music.

Stocking fillers don’t have to be expensive or big. It’s all about finding those little things that can bring a smile to a child’s face. These gifts are just right for that and are sure to be a hit with the kids and their parents.

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