good Time Charlies

Good Time Charlies in Chester is a hidden treasure for families looking for a spot where kids can have a blast and parents can unwind. With a play area that spreads over 6,000 square feet, it’s a cozy corner in the city for some indoor fun.

For the little adventurers, the fun starts right at the under 4’s section. It’s a safe and snug place on the bottom floor filled with spots perfect for crawling, hiding spaces, and even ‘Splat Pads’ for the daring ones. The second level takes the challenge up a notch with climbing areas and slides designed for kids who want a bit more thrill. And for the bravest of the lot, the third level has a clear deck for peeking down and a 3-meter monkey bars challenge that offers a great view and even greater fun.

The sensory room is a special spot at Good Time Charlies, meant for toddlers and children with additional needs. It’s a quiet zone with a ball pool, bubble machine, and a sound machine complemented by beanbags for a snug naptime spot.

Older kids haven’t been forgotten here. The over 4’s area is where the real action is. It’s packed with activities to climb, run, swing, and jump. With a lane wave slide and various agility challenges, it’s a place where kids can race, climb, and navigate through an obstacle course that’s sure to tire them out—in the best way possible.

The sports arena is a hit for those who love to kick a ball around, offering a lofty perch in the sky to score goals. And when it’s time to celebrate, the brightly colored party room is the perfect spot for a few hours of dancing and fun with friends.

Hunger is no match for the extensive menu at Good Time Charlies. From hot and cold snacks to cakes and tray bakes, there’s something for every taste and dietary need, including options for adults watching their weight.

Good Time Charlies isn’t just any play center. It’s a place designed with both kids and parents in mind. And with free Wi-Fi and parking, it’s as convenient as it is fun. If you’re in Chester and looking for a place to let your kids run wild while you relax, this is the place to be.

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